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Groonga CloudSearch 1.2.0 is out!

Today, we’ve shipped Groonga CloudSearch version 1.2.0. You can download the package and read the tutorial on the home page of this project site.

What’s new?

Groonga CloudSearch 1.2.0 includes many many improvements, and they can be described as the following three topics.

Becomes safer

Simple access-control mechanism is now available, so you can deploy Groonga CloudSearch to a public server safely.

For the first change, you need to re-create the whole database before running Groonga CloudSearch 1.2.0. Run the following command to clear the database: rm -rf ~/.gcs


You can store multiple values to an index field, and set the field to “facet returnable”. Then you can get a facet information with a part of a search result specifying the “facet” URL parameter, and you can use the result for a new search condition via the “bq” URL parameter. For example, if you have a literal field “tags”, then bq=tags:'science' will return a search result including documents which have “science” as a member of its “tags” field.

As above, Groonga CloudSearch 1.2.0 supports “bq” (complex queries).

Easy configuration

Groonga CloudSearch now includes the following commands:

They are helper tools which are compatible to Amazon CloudSearch’s command line tools. You can setup your search domains only with command line tools, so you don’t have to use the configuration API via HTTP anymore, for basic usecases.

Sample application

Norema search (node reference manual search) is now downloadable, it’s an example application of Groonga CloudSearch. It will help you to build Web applications with Groonga CloudSearch.