Groonga CloudSearch

Groonga CloudSearch Open Source Amazon CloudSearch on Your Computer

Groonga CloudSearch is an Amazon CloudSearch compatible open source full text search server.

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Functional comparison

Feature Groonga CloudSearch Amazon CloudSearch
Creating search domains
Creating index fields
Deletion of existing domains ✓ (v1.1.0-)
Configuring default search field ✓ (v1.2.0-)
Configuring access policies
Configuring facet returnability, result returnability, and searchability of index fields ✓ (v1.2.0-)
Re-indexing of documents ✓ (v1.1.0-)
Default values for index fields
Sources for index fields
Uploading search documents from SDF batches ✓ (JSON only)
Assigning multiple values to an index field ✓ (v1.2.0-)
Deletion of stored documents ✓ (v1.1.0-)
Strict validations
Atomic operations
Document versions
Searching documents by simple queries
Searching documents by complex queries ✓ (v1.2.0-)
Getting basic facet information for text and literal fields ✓ (v1.2.0-)
Getting basic facet information with uint fields
Getting sorted or constrained facet information
Result ranking with field names ✓ (v1.4.0-)
Result ranking with custom rank expressions
Result ranking with threshold
Synonyms ✓ (v1.1.0-)
Command Line Tools
Creating search domain ✓ (v1.2.0-)
Listing search domains ✓ (v1.2.0-)
Deleting search domain ✓ (v1.2.0-)
Creating and deleting index fields ✓ (v1.2.0-)
Configuring facet returnability, result returnability, and searchability of index fields ✓ (v1.2.0-)
Configuring default value and sources of index fields
Configuring stems
Configuring stopwords
Configuring synonyms ✓ (v1.2.0-)
Configuring rank expressions
Configuring access policies
Re-indexing documents ✓ (v1.2.0-)
Posting documents as SDF batches ✓ (v1.2.0-, XML SDF batches are available on v1.5.0-)
Configuring by SDF batches ✓ (v1.5.0-)
XML type requests and responses
Management Console ✓ (by Groonga CloudSearch Console)
Works locally
Works in the cloud
Auto scaling
Native CJK support (and better tokenizer)