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Groonga CloudSearch 1.1.0 is out!

Today, we’ve shipped Groonga CloudSearch version 1.1.0. You can download the package and read the tutorial on the home page of this project site.

What’s new?

New actions, “DeleteDomain” and “DeleteIndexField” are available for the Configuration API. Now you can delete existing search domains or index fields via the API.

“IndexDocuments” action is also available. However, because Groonga CloudSearch rebuilds indexes automatically, you don’t need to call the action manually in most cases. (Of course, still useful for optimization.)

And, now Groonga CloudSearch accepts “delete” type batches via the documents/batch API. You can delete already-indexed documents from the database.

Try Groonga CloudSearch with Amazon CloudSearch clients!

By the way, yesterday we posted a tutorial to use Groonga CloudSearch via aws_cloud_search, a client library for Amazon CloudSearch. You’ll be able to try Groonga CloudSearch more easily, if you’re familiar with development on the Ruby language.