Groonga CloudSearch


Why Groonga CloudSearch development is started?

It’s for development.

Full text search services in the cloud will be increased in the future. They will be provided as only service. You cannot use those services locally such as on your computer and in your local network. Normally, you don’t need to use those services locally. But there are some useful cases if you can use those services locally. One of them is development.

You will do try and error on development. It’s helpful that you can do it locally because it is fast rather than remote access and doesn’t cause fee. Fast and no fee are important for TDD style development and development with continuous integration.

Does Groonga CloudSearch work in the cloud?

No. Groonga CloudSearch isn’t provided as SaaS and doesn’t support auto scale-out. You need to install Groonga CloudSearch by yourself and Groonga CloudSearch works as one full text search service instance.

But installing is easy rather than enables Amazon CloudSearch. You just download, extract and run it! Try Groonga CloudSearch before trying Amazon CloudSearch. You can get Amazon CloudSearch compatible API without fee.

Why Groonga CloudSearch has “Cloud” in its name?

It’s for indicating Amazon CloudSearch compatible API service with its name.

Groonga CloudSearch doesn’t work as a cloud service but may work as it in the future.

What language processor is used?

Groonga CloudSearch uses node.js.

What full text search engine is used?

Groonga CloudSearch uses groonga as full text search engine. Groonga is an open source fast full text search engine. It supports real-time search without slowing down search throughput. It means that you can update your data without slowing down search performance and search the updated data at once.

Is Groonga CloudSearch 100% compatible Amazon CloudSearch API?

No. Groonga CloudSearch doesn’t provide 100% compatible API yet. It just provides only a few important APIs. See functional comparison table for list of implemented API.

Groonga CloudSearch will provide 100% compatible Amazon CloudSearch API in the future. Join our community to implement open source full text search server!

How to contribute?

Groonga CloudSearch is developed on GitHub. Please use GitHub style contribution:

  1. Fork groonga/gcs
  2. (Develop)
  3. Send a pull request

See also Using Pull Requests - github:help.